Power Reflexology

flower_by_GshootHave you been through a tough time lately? Have you experienced a traumatic event?
Or do you have an illness that you just can’t shake off?

If so, Power Reflexology could be of benefit to you.

The energy created by our emotions and mental attitudes affects our physical bodies. Any traumatic experiences such as redundancy, divorce, miscarriage plus many others individual to you can create energy blocks. You can see energy blocks in others, a strained expression in someone’s eyes or the way in which they move are examples of this.

Power Reflexology improves the flow of energy to help the mind and body move on from traumatic events or any feelings of dissatisfaction with life. Energy blocks can be the fundamental reason why you feel muscular tension, pain, physical or mental health problems, illness or disease.

Power Reflexology positively affects and releases any energy blockages you have which allows life energy to flow through your body’s physical cells, organs and neural pathways once again. The benefit is an improvement on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. As energy flows freely through your mind and body you experience a sense of well-being and good health and strength to move forward in your life.

We use Power Reflexology for 15-20 minutes at the start of your treatment before flowing into your standard reflexology treatment. There is no additional charge for Power Reflexology.


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