What happens during your time with us

First session:          Approx 70 to 90 minutes

Standard session: Approx 50 to 60 minutes


Your first session

At your first session, in addition to everything described below, before we work on your feet, we will ask you to fill out a short form to tell us more about yourself.  We will take time to talk through how you are, what you hope to get out of the session, anything we need to know about your feet and to understand any medical history that you want to tell us about.  We do not charge for this initial consultation.

What happens during a session

We can work in our dedicated Therapy Room or in your home.  We carry all our equipment with us.  If we are visiting you at home all we need is a warm quiet room with enough space for you to sit in a reclining chair with the therapist sat in front of you working on your feet.

A typical session will involve:

  • A catch-up on how you have been
  • We will ask what you hope to get out of the session
  • You will recline in the treatment chair with your feet and calves supported on cushions and a soft blanket over you to help keep you warm and relaxed
  • You choose whether to have music playing during the treatment (we bring everything we need!)
  • We use various techniques when working on your feet; pressure, manipulation and massage
  • We usually work on your entire foot and ankle during a session, focusing on areas we have agreed with you beforehand and other areas that we find require more work during the session

You will generally feel relaxed and well after a treatment; however everyone is different and can respond in different ways. Minor side effects are common after treatment but are an indication that the treatment is working, and the body is responding in a positive way.  Side effects can include; increased urination, runny nose, headache, tiredness.

It is really important to drink plenty of water after a treatment to help combat any side effects that may occur.

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